Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Shrimp, Gravy and Rice

Some times things don't look or taste exactly as you expect them to or during the perfect storm both happen.  I don't know about you but I usually feel kind of crappy when that happens (the taste thing not the look thing). 

The other day  was looking for a recipe that would use up the half a pound of shrimp that was vacationing in our freezer so off to the Internet I went.  There were a few recipes that were intriguing at first and then Michael commented that  was shrimp defrosting and brown rice cooking (I think it was going to be shrimp fried rice originally) suddenly inspiration struck! 

A big part of living in Charleston is the food and along with that goes Shrimp, Grits and Gravy.  Being from the northeast we don't eat grits so there was a recipe for Shrimp, Gravy and Rice, sounded interesting and to tell you the absolute truth it didn't taste terrible but it needs a second go around and some adjustments to it.   The recipe will not be posted until I figure it out.  It tasted like it needed less flour and more chicken stock.

In the mean time at some point yesterday we  passed 10,000 page views.  One of the things I have learned after much deep research (checking which pages have had the most views) is that you seem to enjoy recipes more than stories about Bear so I am going to try to post just about cooking but if you have something to tell me about this (like you want pictures of my cute dog) please let me know!


  1. I like them both! Keep the Bear pics coming!!

    1. Just for you there will be more Bear pics!!