Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doga with the Dog

I promise to write a blog about cooking soon!  There has just not been much creative cooking going on here while Michael was gone and than this week has just some how become a blur!

Trust me this is not us, notice all the small dogs!

Last night Bear and I went to our Doga class, yoga with you dog explains the entire thing!  You take your dog for a walk to tire them out a bit (or in Bears case wind him up more) and than you do yoga outside while holding onto your dog who otherwise might wander (or in Bears case run away) while getting your face licked.

There were 3 other dogs there.  One belonged to the instructor and she was a very well behaved Jack Russel, than there was my friend Linda's golden Trip who is some kind of very quiet freak of nature (he isn't really a freak of nature, I'm just jealous) and last there was an 8 month old Golden doodle named Grady who was very cute but I suspect that Bear was not the best influence on.

We did the stretching exercises, Trip sat there calmly, Lola sat there calmly, Grady sat there relatively calmly (he is a puppy after all) Bear was Bear.  I came home with more dog slobber on me (from the grateful doggy kisses of my own dog and Grady and Trip who needed to get into the act) and more fur on me than I think Bear had on him (even after driving down 526 at 60 mph with the windows open and fur flying everywhere).

I was brave for a few seconds and actually let go of Bears leash (everybody else was doing it after all) but quickly scooped it up when I noticed he had started to stray (wander in a direction he shouldn't have at a speed he shouldn't be going).   I think the best laugh of the night (and there were many) was to see Grady laying on top of his owner while we did some relaxing, I guess he thought that if Lola (who weights 10 lbs maybe) was doing he could too!  Bear on the other hand decided he needed to guard me and stood with his front legs on one side of me and this back legs on the other.


  1. I was wondering how this would go. Since Bear probably still thinks that anyone on the ground is his to lick and nibble and play with and stuff.

    So... you going to do it again?

    1. I think we will do it again, indoors though. It was very buggy out.

      Bear was actually not as bad as I thought he would be, perhaps because he is getting older?

      Linda seemed to have a good time too but decided we should try just people yoga next time.

  2. Oh, it sounds so fun! I would love to attend, but my doggy would be so horribly behaved. She doesn't play well with others.

    I'm so glad you guys had fun! Good for you!!

    1. You would have had a grand time! Sorry Rocket doesn't do well with others :(