Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where the heck did the week go???

So, to pick up where we left off on Sunday, it was shepherds pie for dinner.  Turned out Michael and his golfing buddy decided to go to 5 Guys for burgers and brought me cold left over french fries (comment on that deleted).

This has turned out to be a rather hectic not very much cooking week.  Michael's uncle passed away on Monday so he is in New Jersey for the funeral with his sisters.  I so very much wanted to go but 1. Uncles in law do not qualify for bereavement leave and 2.  it would be too darn expensive to board the dog on top the cost of the trip.  So, here I sit with Bear wandering around the Internet and working (Bear is doing neither of those things by the way, he is just my supervisor).

We have had a lot of rain this week as a side effect of Hurricane Issac, I guess Tuesday was the worst and there were pictures of people kayaking in downtown.  We have a lot of flooding problems in this city probably because we are just at sea level and a good portion of the downtown is made of fill with no real sewage system.  Last night a whopper of a storm wandered in with the traditional lightening and thunder and some how, some part of that combination took down the power in the shopping center I work in.  All was calm other than the rain at about 8:30,  there were two other employees and three customers when BAM out went the lights.  Oh they played with us a couple of time coming back on and then there we were in total and complete darkness.  Let me tell you, those stores are big and scary in the dark, you don't know where anything is and I am terrified that I will trip over something.  The customers got themselves to the front and outside thanks to their cellphones (it's amazing how much light you can get from them), and than it was just us.  You don't want or need to know how I secured the cash other than to tell you it was pretty funny and challenging to do in the dark!  I guess the good part of the story is that I was home early! 

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  1. That would have been so freaky/scary to be in your store with it completely dark! I would have been so afraid I would knock over all the breakables!!

    I SO wish I could read the deleted comment about the cold fries....