Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thoughts of Christmas

Phew, let me sit down for a few minutes...Life has been too busy lately and I would like it to please slow down just a tad (okay more than just a tad) but that will probably need to wait until January!  Thanks for hanging in with me during my unplanned hiatus though and if you are new, welcome!

So many thoughts are going through my mind right now of things that need to be done!  The tree bought, the house decorated, cookies baked (and eaten), gifts purchased. 

Michael and I actually have a very simple Christmas here at our house but the important parts of the holiday to both of us are spending time with those we love and the true meaning of the day!  Not the one-up-man-ship of how much money we can spend, not how many lights can we put on the house nor any of the other wastes that so often are part of this season.  This is supposed to be a celebration of love...where did we lose that part?


  1. Girl, I have no idea. It sounds like you and I had a similar few days.

    I hope this week presents you with people who are filled with love and light.

    1. I believe we need to just focus on the nice people and forget the others!

  2. Christmas...two We don't even DO that much and it feels like a lot! It's all fun, but it DOES keep you busy!