Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Baking (or not)

Last year I did the cookie of the day, this year for some reason I am having trouble starting baking.  I looked at a friends blog this afternoon and they have been baking away making me feel so far behind.

The eldest daughter arrives home from Guatemala late Wednesday night and I am hoping that having her here will help get my baking stuff in gear.  For  Pete's sake I haven't even made the dern rum balls yet and they don't even need to be baked!


  1. Maybe you're waiting on her to bake together??

  2. I usually do a lot of baking but this year i haven't hardly done any. Perhpas its in the air, i just cant seem to get it together at all baking or otherwise. At least we have a few days still to work it out though, :)

  3. my baking is light too....I think about it but it seems to stop there....
    maybe Valentine's Day...that sounds like a plan

  4. It must be something in the air, because me too! Just can't get into this year, for some reason. We just decorated our house last night, so perhaps that will spur me into action!