Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Posting Soon!

This is a post to tell you I promise to post something good soon!  Life has been just a tad too crazy to put my thoughts together. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Swamp Party Cake


Saturday night we went to a swamp party (I didn't know what it was either) and our assignment was to bring a desert that had something to do with living in a swamp.  Our host and hostess were supplying the jambalaya, okra with shrimp and she crab soup (one of my great weaknesses). 

Michael's assignment was to get our outfits (lots of camouflage), mine was the desert so off to the thrift store he went and I to the Internet.  About the only thing I could find was this swamp cake.  The original recipe called for green jello but not being an ambrosia kind of gal I substituted vanilla pudding with green food coloring.  It actually tasted good (other than the gummy snakes which I just couldn't bring myself to eat).

So the next time you need to go to a swamp party here's your desert recipe!

Swamp Cake

1 box deviled food cake mix, baked in a 13 x 9 baking dish according to the directions on the box
2 boxes vanilla pudding (please use the instant and not the cook and serve I bought by mistake) made according to the directions
Enough green food coloring to turn the above jello a noxious shade of green
1 container Cool-Whip (I don't think this has been in my house in a long time)
1 pkg Oreo type cookies, crumble about 1/2 the package
A pack of gummy worms or snakes or something equally yucky

After the cake has cooled cut out the middle of the cake about 2/3 of the way down leaving a border of approximately 1 inch. Add the green food to the cooled down pudding.  Put down a layer of the whipped topping in the area you just hollowed out and than pour in the pudding.  Cover the remaining cake with lots of whipped topping and than carefully jam the crushed cookies all over the whipped topping.  Artistically drape the worms about the cake and... Viola!