Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still Bargain Shopping!

So you know I am always trying to find a way to squeeze a's almost a game to me now "how much can I save".  I have a new addiction though and it is markdown meat.  Now I know you are thinking the same thing I thought for years...yuck...ewwww...gross...markdown meat?  I am now a major fan and it all started a couple of weeks back.

 I had a hankering for some beef which I think you all know is something not often eaten here.  So there I was at the Harris Teeter right around the beef section kinda window shopping (cause that's what I normally do in the vegetable and meat sections of that particular store) and what do my eyes spy but...3 Angus beef steaks for $3.35...I know I thought the same thing and even asked the guy at the meat counter if that could possibly be right...would something be marked for that little?  Turned out I was reading the wrong number and they were even about 2.62?  Originally 21.00 now only that much?  So I looked around and snuck them into my cart carefully perusing the rest of the meat counter for more markdowns. 

So 3 meals later of some delicious steak and a few bargain purchases later (some beef and some boneless pork chops) I am going to be that person who is always checking out the markdown meat!!

On a totally different front I should soon be the proud owner of my own laptop since my desktop decided it had gone on for long enough and no longer had any interest in ingesting dog fur...I will be able to post much more regularly (since the kindle idea just didn't work for more than the one post anyway)!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Low-Country Boil 2

I don't know the history of the boil but I suspect it has to do with the availability of inexpensive ingredients and the need to feed large groups of people.  Here in the southeast US there are many who have made their living off the waters as is in other parts of the world, our claim to fame is shrimp and all who eat them from here of course say they are the tastiest they have ever had the opportunity to enjoy! 

The key to making this dish is cooking time.  Too little and the potatoes will not be cooked, too much and your shrimp will be rubbery.  I am going to tell you how much I used to feed about 20 folks with left overs and you can head from there.  We used a turkey fryer to cook ours but I suppose if you have a very very large stock pot it could be made on the stove.

Low Country Boil

8 lbs shrimp (heads off, shells still on)
15 ears of corn (shucked and broken in half)
6 lbs small red potatoes
6 lbs kielbasa cut in 1 inch pieces (we used beef but pork is fine)
1/2 container Old Bay seasoning
1 lemon cut in half

Place 8 quarts of water into pot, add the Old Bay and lemon.  Bring water to a boil and put in the potatoes cooking covered until fork tender.  Add the corn and kielbasa re-cover and cook for about 15 minutes or until corn is tender.  Add the shrimp cover and cook until shrimp are pink (you want to watch it at this point).

That's it...

So the cost for this feast...

Shrimp 8lbs with the heads on 3.00 a pound = 24.00
Beef Kielbasa 6 lbs 3.59 a pound                      25.00
Corn 15 ears (10 for 3.00)                                   4.50
Potatoes (3lbs 3.49 each)                                     7.00
Old Bay  (4.00 a container)                                 2.00
Total                                                                   62.00

You can add onions, carrots or even better fresh crab to this recipe and really round it out (the onions were on the menu here but I forgot until I opened the fridge and found them all peeled and ready to go).  No one seemed to miss them though! 

A Low-Country Boil

The surprises arrive
 Michael celebrated his 60th birthday back in May and this weekend we had a bash for him.  He knew about the party what he was not aware of was that his sisters and family were coming down from Greensboro NC to surprise him!

The hugs start

and go on...

and on....

Time for a gentlemanly handshake

One of my beautiful sister-in-laws

Looks like a story to me!

Utter chaos in the house and one happy dog!

Time for a cool beverage on the marsh
 We celebrated outside and fortunately the weather which has been very wet cooperated!
My family and friends!

Can we please have some food soon?
 A Low-Country Boil was on the menu.  If you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying this simple treat you should!  It is tasty but better yet it's an affordable way to feed a large group (more so here due to the availability of fresh inexpensive shrimp).  Since I cannot figure out for the life of me how to add anything after the picture below (must be the computer could not be the operator) the recipe will follow on the next posting!

A beautiful day!