Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Fun On The First Friday!

We like to have fun and do different things.  Of course if they are free even better!  Charleston is home to many art galleries.  Some of them have what I call tourist art and than there are the others.  I prefer non tourist art and many of the galleries have some wonderful pieces that fit in this category!

Tonight is the first Friday of the month so that means its time for the First Friday on Broad Art Walk. Tonight from 8 to 5, the galleries along historic Broad Street open their doors to all. There is art, wine and nibbles.  Best of all it's FREE!!

We will be meeting up with some friends to stroll downtown and take in the scenery, the art and the free wine!  What do you like to do in your hometown that's free?



  1. Oh silly me! It was 5 to 8 not 8 to 5. We had a great time, saw some interesting art, ate some free cheese and crackers and drank some pretty good free wine!

  2. In my experience, most free wine is good. But glad you had fun.