Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Measuring Up

One of the biggest blogging challenges I have found is not cooking but instead measuring and writing down what I am putting in the food we eat.  If I am not following a recipe, I am a little of this little of that kind of gal.  Chances are, if we have something good that was just sort of created in the kitchen, I will have a hard time duplicating it. 

Michael and I have very different cooking styles.  When he cooks, he has all the measuring cups and spoons out and he holds the clear cup up to make sure he is exactly on the line.  I must admit, this sometimes drives me crazy, but in a good way.  Who can complain when someone you love is fixing you food and good tasting food at that?

So I guess the point tonight is, there have been some great meals here in the past week or so but, I have not measured a dern thing!

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  1. That's why a lot of my recipes look like "a hand-scoop of x, a pinch of y, a couple shakes of z" and so on. I eventually just figured out about what those were--glug gave me some trouble--and wrote those down instead. With the ever popular "adjust seasoning and spices to taste" tacked on to the end.