Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost Free Food!

The Crab Catcher and Chef!
Fresh from the pot!
For Christmas a few years back, Santa brought Michael a crab trap.  As you know we live near the water and are blessed to have a friend with a dock on the river!  Last weekend Michael loaded the trap up with chicken necks (1.30) and dumped it in.  We were rewarded with 27 absolutely delicious fresh Blue Claw Crabs!  Michael makes up his own Old Bay Seasoning and boils the crabs.  The pictures don't do justice to the yumminess that is seafood fresh out of the water.  After 2 days of eatting crabs, we passed on the rest to our youngest daughter who is alllllllll about free food!

Dinner is ready!


  1. You two are lucky, that pot looks so yummy. I've never eaten blue crab. But I love the pacific crab available from puget sound. Free crab!! I made bouillabaisse this weekend for guests, purchased my fish, clams, shrimp, crab from Uwajimaya's a wonderful local Asian food store, it was great, but definitely NOT free. I salute Michael's skill.

  2. I quess Blue Claw is an east coast thing. I remember people crabbing from the docks at night up on Long Island. They had their flash lights turned on and facing the water, when the crabs rose to the surface they would scoop them up with their nets. They were not something we ate up there and I actually had my first one last year when we used the trap the first time.
    The claw meat is delicious.