Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eight Working Days Before Christmas and Other Random Stuff

In years past I have tracked the last weeks before Christmas by keeping track of my days off...btw there are 3 between now and Christmas.  Last week I decided to change the way I think about it and it's really paid off for my piece of mind for some odd reason.  Perhaps it is the realization that it really is not a long retail work season even though my body feels like it is.

Today is my brother Dan's birthday!  I am not sure where he and my beloved sister in law are right now (they are hard to keep track of) but I will try to get hold of him later today...just in case he reads the blog this am.  He is the brother you want to have and of all the brothers (there are 5) he is the one I feel closest too...that might be because we are only 16 months apart.  He is smart, sensible, a voice of reason but most of all because with all his steadfastness, he is a ton of fun! 

I am in the middle of my whirlwind week-o-stuff to do!  The Holiday Parade in Mt Pleasant for the Elks was a huge success but I do not think I want to spend an entire day doing that again.  It was cold and windy out (at least by South Carolina standards).  The Boston Brass Christmas concert Monday night was fantastic!  If you get a chance listen to some of their music!  Last night was our Elks meeting...enough said about that.  Tonight, well tonight we are going to decorate the Christmas tree.  It has been sitting naked in the living room since we brought it home on Friday and putting up the decorations might help our holiday moods!

Who knew you could buy a Christmas tree at Costco?  We were afraid that not going to the tree lot or cutting it down ourselves would decrease the enjoyment but when we went to said tree lot to check out the trees we saw how expensive they are this year.  Do I really need to part with $60 for a tree?  NO!!  The man at the tree trailer was wonderful (thank you Davis!) and helped us select a wonderful tree and for only 29.99.  Michael had to cut the bottom off himself but it was worth it!  Pictures of the naked tree and the decorated tree probably tomorrow am!

I really enjoy getting up early.  The house is quiet and I get to read all the silly things on AOL before any one wakes up (other than Bear who anxiously awaits anyone to make a move that even remotely resembles getting up)

I think that's it for is 6:08 and I have to be at work in less than 2 hours. 

Have a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday to your brother!!

    I had no idea Costco sold trees. That's fantastic to know. I look forward to the pictures of the tree!

    Enjoy decking the halls tonight!

  2. Yay Uncle Danny!

    Also, Yay, decorated tree! Bear Love Decorated Tree! And un-decorated tree! And ancient dough ornaments! And chicken! And bread!

    Got any chicken an' bread?