Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

I was reading The New Yorker the other day and there was an interesting article about The Pioneer Woman.  I first read this blog about a year ago and was amazed with the photography and the style of writing.  I probably need to admit it helped me get over my fear of blogging.  Anyway in the article it states that the blog gets 23.3 MILLION page views a month.  I'm thinking that Ree doesn't check her blog stats 6 times a day to see if anyone is reading it and she certainly doesn't check Google analytics as many times. 

The article was both depressing and uplifting.  Depressing because I get no where near that many hits but uplifting in the fact that she started the same way the rest of us do and she did it and so can we!  We just need to keep typing away and insert more pictures (that seems to do part of the trick) of the dog.  People love pictures and stories about dogs...oh dogs and cooking!

I am hoping that Santa has a new camera for me that I promise to not drop in the sand at the beach attempting to take pictures of Bear in full joyful leap while frolicking in the ocean!  Actually I saw a Fisher Price kids camera on TV, they showed it falling down a full flight of stairs..perhaps that's the camera for me...

1 comment:

  1. I hope Santa brings you a camera! And, I hope you don't drop said camera. :-)

    PW is truly inspiring. I think her self deprecation makes it okay for all of us bloggers!