Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Body Shape

Yesterday Michael and I went for a nice walk downtown, the weather was wonderful and we wondered in and out of some of the shops.  One store we visited was Chico's were I saw some outfits that were so nicely put together!  For work I wear jeans, a solid shirt in one of the approved colors and either flats or sneakers (pretty boring I know but we can get pretty dirty loading furniture or moving furniture or just plain old doing stuff).

I have decided it is time to mix things up a bit when I am not at work!  Last week I started exercising and need to add some upper body workouts to what I have going in order to get rid of this little pouch that has developed on my stomach (why does it never go any place else?). 

Then next comes the wardrobe do to the Internet I went.  For some reason I thought it would be as easy as looking up recipes and it is not.  I found one site that looked interesting and it prompted me to take a body shape test so that they could tell me what to wear.  After signing up (which was not easy) through the survey I went.  I measured and answered some rather bizarre questions than the moment of body shape.  I know what it is not but no way was I prepared to be told that my shape is...A Ruler, that's right, my body is the shape of a ruler!  Straight up and down...there has got to be a better name than that!


  1. Yeah, I think that's the best name they have for it.

    For exercise, you might want to actually work on your "core". Upper body is important, too (and weaker in women, on average), but "core" is what controls all that fun stuff. Belly, waist, it'll even help with posture.

    Then again, the closest I get to exercise is walking to the bar or climbing on and off the chicken bus, so...

    1. But, I want a better name for it! How about athletic or boyish? On second hand I quess I need to go back to work on renaming it!

  2. Replies
    1. But you are a wonderful Hourglass! How elegant does that sound????

  3. I walk after work...sometimes..

    that's about all I want to think about my body shape..
    it's short, and everything's heading South..

    but after reading your inspire me

    1. I walk a lot at work but for some reason I don't think that quite counts. As for the heading south, I don't think there is a dern thing to be done for that. The butt I don't have is even heading in that direction, perhaps its my back that has by passed my actual butt!