Friday, October 4, 2013


It's hard getting started again after you have stopped for a while....especially if you are in a cooking slump!  There have been some pretty good meals, some new things tried, experiences I should have shared but...I need a good swift kick in the tuckus to get going again!

We had one of the daughters staying with us for many months and it really affects your life.  It's not like when they are little and you can tell them what to do's tough.  When the two of you plus the dog becomes the three of you plus the dog, when you can't walk around the house without clothes on or have some fun on the couch.  When you are trying to cheer on someone who is unable to be cheered on, or motivate someone who cannot deal with motivation.  We both love our daughters but I think we love them more from a distance, the daughter probably feels the same way.  It has got to be tough to wind up as an adult back at home where your parents still sort of see you as a kid even though you aren't.  When you can't get yourself back together and everything feels like it is falling apart.  Telling her she needed to move on was the toughest thing I have ever done in my life...I love her with my whole heart but...I cannot live with her.  We are too different.

Slowly we are putting our simple life back together again and I hope and pray that she is too.

Love you Oh Daughter Of Mine...


  1. Oh, how difficult this must have been for you. But, I honestly believe you did the best thing for her, and I imagine she'll thank you for it before all is sand and done. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks JuJu! Very often the hardest thing to do is the best...just have to have faith.