Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back!

It is so easy to not post anything.  When you start a blog you are so excited and full of ideas and then one day, bam!  No motivation, no excitement, nothing...that is where I have been.  I think part of it has been the fact that summer was just so dern long here this year (though I will never complain about the heat), it has been hard to come up with something new and exciting to have for dinner.  We have eaten many meals and some of them were even special, it was just to easy to not write about apologies!

So after avoiding all of you for a few weeks, today I decided just to take a peek and..there are still people looking!  Therefore, I will put back on my big girl panties and start blogging again.  I ask only one thing, that those of you that visit here from far away place, and there have been many from places I only dream of visiting, drop me a line and let me know how you found the blog and if you enjoy it.  For those of you in the states who are my friends and friends I have yet to met, please do the same.

If you find I am not posting everyday, please be patient.  I have been putting out Christmas the last few days and it is the beginning of a long (not really) season for me.  Hmmmm...thoughts of Christmas cookies!


  1. I found your blog because I'm your daughter. I'm still in La Antigua Guatemala, and I think you'd love it here. The light is nifty, the people are short, and the expats are (mostly) liberal.

    Of course, the food is kinda boring, but you can't have everything, right?

    And cookies... we'll get to those in a couple weeks. Like 5 weeks. Om nom nom

  2. I found your blog, because my wife sent me an e-mail that said, "remember Colleen? she has a blog". I enjoy your blog because anyone who mentions "big girl panties" has my full and undivided attention. I love hearing about ordinary daily life and cooking in the south from a far away friend. Welcome back.

  3. Hi!! i read your daughter's blog and that's how I found you.. lol.. glad you are back and look forward to more.. I am from San Antonio, Tx.. My best friend from childhood lives in Charleston, and I visited there years ago.. beautiful area.. hope one day to visit again. :)

  4. Well,thanks to the 3 of you! I knew J and Stephen but now I have met Yvonne!