Thursday, February 23, 2012

The King Cake

The ingredients

The flour and yeast in the large bag provided

The flour and yeast mixed with a stick of butter added (sounds healthy)

The mix in the large bag provided after being kneaded for a short 15 minutes

After being allowed to raise until doubled, flattened out, filled and jelly rolled (yes that is the dern puzzle)

After raising a second time waiting for the oven

Viola!  Where is the baby?


  1. oooh, did it come with the baby? You can use a brazil nut instead, I think... If you ever decide to try it from scratch.

    Also, was it tasty?

  2. It's so pretty and festive!! Just where is that baby!??!!

  3. j, yes it came with a naked plastic baby. I do not think I will ever try this from scratch but thanks for the suggestion!
    JuJu, I think everyone was on to the fact that if you get the baby you must host the next party. After the cake was served all that remained on the plate was on pink, plastic, naked baby!
    I have to admit, I didn't try it was all gone so it was either tasty or everyone had embibed enough that they didn't care!