Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Puzzling Puzzle

Last Friday when I was doing my grocery shopping I popped into the Dollar Tree to pick up some odds and ends we usually get there.  Michael and I both enjoy doing puzzles and they are supposed to help keep your mind active, so a detour down that aisle was called for.  What to my eyes should appear but a 5oo piece adult puzzle so I picked it up and put it in my basket...after all its only $1!

Now we both have fairly logical minds and can normally knock these things out in a day or so but a week later we are still working on the puzzle!  We started in the normal order of getting all the side pieces and putting them together (well sort of, we had some confusion on the right hand side but Liz straightened that out for us last evening).  Michael has a good portion of the jar together but there is a piece missing in the middle and we have various marbles and pieces of marbles.  The pieces are pretty small and after a while they all look the same.  Who would think that a $1 puzzle could be so puzzling?

Now you may ask yourself, where are they putting this puzzle together?  You may or may not know that we live in a small duplex without much extra space.  The answer to this question large cutting board (which I was looking for the other night but Michael had "borrowed" it} and part the of the kitchen counter where we have our breakfast in the morning and that I use when I cook.  So for the past week we have had our coffee on top of the puzzle and I found a different portion of the kitchen to use for my chopping.  This was not a problem until I made Chicken and Dumplings yesterday and had to roll out the dumplings.  To the side the puzzle went until I was done (then I tried to push back all the little pieces so the husband did not notice they were disturbed I hope).

We were talking with friends the week before last who enjoy puzzles.  I brought up the Dollar Store and their puzzles, my lady friend would never buy a puzzle there she stated, the pieces are cut wrong (which they are not) and it is probably missing pieces(which is also incorrect).  I cannot wait to pass this one on to her!

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  1. Well, pieces *weren't* missing. Until Bear wondered if they might be made of bread or chicken and ate a couple.

    Also, how could the pieces be cut wrong? The whole thing runs down a line, gets cut with a big stamp, and dumped in the box. There's no mixing or sorting at all...