Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sometimes the Simplest is the Best

Tonight Michael and I are going to a Foyer Dinner.  I know, I thought the same thing the first time I heard it,  we eat in the foyer?  Well as it turns it is 4 or 5 couples, all from our church, who get together at a different home every month eat, drink and get to know each other better.  This is the 5th year we have joined the foyer groups and we have gotten to know some very interesting people and in some cases just spend time with people we already know pretty well and enjoy!

Tonight we are dining at the home of a lady I know fairly well from the Church Chicks (who is one cool lady) and her husband.  He is a retired Episcopal priest from I believe Washington DC.  There are also two other couples whom we know in passing but will have to opportunity to know better.

Nicole (the hostess) is serving the main dish Roast Loin of Pork.  Have I ever told you how much I like this dish?  My mother used to make it with oven roasted potatoes (roasted in the fat from the meat), sauerkraut, green beans and the required gravy.  I cannot wait to taste Nicole's version!  Each of the couples brings a portion of dinner so Michael and I are bringing cold roast asparagus with lemon and a couple of bottles of wine.  The wine choices are Four Vines Naked Chardonnay (domestic and unoaked) and Gerard Bertrand Cordieres (a French blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre which given the blend should not be too dry).

So the lesson to me here is I do not have to go crazy when we take food to someones house.  Sometimes the simplest is the best!


  1. We used to do something similar in our church, our group was "Bread Breakers." Such a great idea and always tasty and fun!

    I hope it was a great night for you.

  2. JuJu, we had a great time! Other than Michael, myself and the hostess everyone else was Old Charleston. The food was great and so was the conversation. Your church should start up the "Bread Breakers" group again. It is a wonderful way to get to meet people.