Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Doing Doga with the Dog!

It has been an exciting day at Casa de Fenwrick!  It started with an early morning mammogram and bone density test followed by picking up the husbands dry cleaning, a trip to one of my favorite places The Dollar Tree, and then off to Lowe's to get painting supplies for the extra bedroom.

Paint samples can be the most befuddling things!  You go to the store and there are literally thousands of little squares of color, you pick the color idea you have and leave with a bunch of paint swatches, you go home and try to figure out from this little piece of paper which is usually 1" by 1" what is going to look good on all the walls you are planning to paint. Rarely does the paint look the same on the walls as it does on the little card!  We are trying to match the paint in our bedroom and hallway, of course we painted it a few years back and threw out the can.  So here I am armed with a full array of what at Lowe's looked to be the right color only to find out that none of them were........

So after taking the husband to lunch at Taste of Thai off I went back to Lowe's with the swatch that appeared to be closest to the wall color.  The paint samples still called to me and I made a late minute substitution.  It looks like the right shade (I hope)!

Somewhere in there I checked my Face book page.  Having signed up for a contest I thought I would never win I was shocked, shocked I tell you to find out that a Colleen F had been one of the lucky winners for a Doga lesson at a place called Fit with Fido so.... Bear and I and my friend Linda and her much better behaved Golden Trooper are going to go do yoga together.  Now being Bears mother I know his behavior but their website says its a great class for busy dogs!  We will just have to see! 


  1. I would SO love to be a fly on the wall at this yoga class! The nice thing is that you can blame the dogs for any gaseous outbursts???

    Good luck on the painting! Those paint samples drive me bonkers!

    1. Why don't you sign up and come on down! We will be at Daniel Island (if they allow Bear and I to get off 526) on the 5th of September at 6:30 and the class is only $10........

      I think the final choice is correct and I am going to try to paint the office/bedroom if my husband ever leaves for work this am...shhhhhhhh