Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lawrence Welk?????

Joe Fenney

I was watching Lawrence Welk about an hour ago (I know pretty exciting) and the Irish tenor they have on the show sang a song which took me back to my life growing up.  Dad was an Irish tenor and had a beautiful voice, we grew up with him singing especially on holidays after he had a few cocktails.  Actually all of us sang and I think at one point we thought we would be the next Brady Bunch or Partridge Family.  I don't know about my brothers but I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket any more, somewhere along the line I just lost it.  I grew up with a black and white TV and realized tonight that I thought that the only color suit Lawrence ever wore was grey, boy was I surprised to find him in a rather natty green suit!

Anyway Joe Feeney (found his name after a little bit of research) sang the "Rose of Tralle" and suddenly I was transported back to my childhood and could hear my Dad singing the same song with the same sweet notes.  If you get a chance and enjoy that type of music (which I really do) just head to YouTube and you can get  more than your fill, just remember to bring your hankey with you!

ps  The house guest departed this morning and life is getting back to normal, we have a substantial amount less food here.  I really forgot how much growing kids eat!  I will miss Spencer as he became my cooking buddy and learned to do a bit around the kitchen while he was here.  He told me he is going to surprise his Mom with the bread sticks (I know I didn't tell you about them).  Michael is back from the very exciting Elks Summer Convention in beautiful downtown Union, South Carolina.

pss I realized after I read this that many of you have no idea who Lawrence Welk is.....I would have never thought of that had Spencer not just spent 5 weeks with us.  Guess you will need to Google it and be surprised!


  1. I totally know who LW is. I used to watch him on Saturday nights. His show would come on before the GOOD shows. ;-)

    I did always enjoy the silly dancing they did on there.

    Thanks for sharing the memory of you singing with your dad!

  2. Oh, love it. A couple of months ago my mom and I stumbled upon a REALLY old show, and I have to admit, we did laugh at a few of the performers. Just so funny, some of them (guy dressed up in railroad outfit singing in front of a fake train). The Lennon Sisters were on, though--love them!