Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Political Rant

I try to keep my political rants to myself but, how do these people I do not believe in keep finding me?  I have gotten a number of pieces of mail from the other side in the past week or so.  Now granted, here in South Carolina we do not register for one party or the other and we have the "First in the South" but, what makes these guys think I would ever vote for them? Did they ever call me or talk to me to see if I was anti this or pro that?  Do they think I will just mail them money (which is what ultimately they are looking for).  Do I look like a Tea Party or Republican kinda gal (J just keep quiet). How much money do these people spend looking for money? Why can they just not support our President?  Why must they continue to battle him on everything he tries to do or tries to put through congress?  Why are thy destroying our country?


  1. The funny thing is, because of the way the SC primary is set up, you (and other sane/liberal minded-types) have some chance of keeping the BSC-types out of the actual election. Other states you can only vote in the primary of the party you're registered with.

    At least in SC you can organize a bunch of people, get them to the repub/tea party/crazy person primary, and vote for someone who's at least got some vague understanding of the real world.

    Or, you know, at least doesn't think sick people should just be left to die.

    Besides, if they didn't keep us all busy with their obnoxious antics, people might actually notice what's going on in the world. And informed people are bad for business.

  2. It is strange that we can vote in the primary of our opposing party. It would be a tough choice to figure out which of these fine people to vote for. It can go either way as you said the frigntening thing is that if you vote for the most idiotic trying to sway the vote, that person might win!