Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Am I Doing Up So Late?

So here it is 2am and I got home from work about a half an hour ago.  Sunday night is truck night and if you have never worked retail, let me tell you it is a treat.  We have no loading dock and we sell a lot of heavy furniture so that means tons of furniture have to come in to replace (hopefully) what we sold the week before.  Along with all the furniture come the pallets of regular merchandise to fill the shelves and now get ready for the holiday season.  Not having a loading dock has it's advantages, the only one which comes to mind right now is that we can sort all that stuff out  in the back parking lot.  The disadvantages are also many the one that comes to mind this evening is heavy stuff loaded on the truck which you can't get off with the fork lift.  Thank goodness for the guys is all I can say.  All this merchandise does not get on the shelves by itself so that is why we were at work until after 1 am.  I am the pallet sorter and I am the very sore pallet sorter at this moment which brings me to a food (kind of) topic! 

A few months ago we got in these Marg-o-rita's.  They are just like their name sake but they have wine in them instead of alcohol.  They arere mighty tasty.  A couple of weeks ago, we discovered they also have Strawberry Daiquiris and Pina Coladas....I am at this moment, enjoying a Strawberry Daiquiri hoping my brain stops running and I can go to sleep.  The best part of these is that they are 1.99 and there are at least 2 good sized drinks in each freezer container.

So there you have it!


  1. Wait, are these in a bucket, or a bag, or what? I might have to give them a taste-test when I'm home.

    On the boozey topic... One of the managers at the place whose name I will not speak gave out about a dozen big freezey cups full of apple pie flavored frozen booze-stuff. ZOMG it was good. Some of it even made it home the next morning. Om nom nom.

  2. They are like juice cups for grown-ups! Each one has a little over 2 drinks in it. I will have to buy some and put them in the freezer (hoping that they make it until you get home).