Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sort Of Vacation Time And Other Random Thoughts

As the title suggests, I am sort of on vacation this week.  I know that sounds odd, you either are or you aren't but, I "took" 2 days last week to help make payroll and this week is what I have left so...I am (or already have) worked 2 and a half days.  I worked the very exciting 2 to 10 Sunday to take in the truck and then was at work from 8 to 12 yesterday and go tomorrow to cover the bosses day off.  I am hoping after that to not have to return until Monday.  How blissful to have 4 days off in a row, two of them weekend days! 

So vacation calls for wine (not yet it's too early even for me).  I stumbled across some great bargains yesterday.  Yes they are inexpensive wines to begin with but...I got them for a steal!  We (at World Market) are clearancing out some discontinued wines...nothing wrong with them, we just don't have room for them anymore so...I got 2 bottles of Yellow Tale Cab and 2 bottles of Barefoot Pinot Grig for around 3 dollars a bottle!  They were on sale for half price and then we still have the buy 4 save an additonal 10% so...why not?  I may have to go and pick up the other Barefoot bottles since we have a Halloween BYOB party to go to Saturday night....

Yesterday I thought I would surprise Michael with some new kitchen gadgets.  Okay, I bought them for him to use but mostly for me.  We went to a friends house a few weeks ago and left the two cup measuring cup there and have been trying to measure without it ever since.  I never realized how attached you get to something until you don't have it and that includes the two cupper!  My other dilema was I share my 1 cup dry measure with Bear.  He gets exactly 1 and a half measuring cups of dog food twice a day...gotta keep the guy in shape, so my cup was in the dog food.   Whenever I needed to measure dry stuff I would either have to get the cup out of his dogfood and make it no longer smell like kibble or use the smaller measuring cups.  Now the second is not the worst thing in the world unless you are baking.  It is so easy to loose track of how many scoops of flour (at 1/3 or 1/4 of a cup at a time) you have added when you need 3 or 4 cups.
I had a $10 rewards coupon at World Market that I had earned from my gourmet purchases and it had to be used yesterday at the latest. I had been pondering since I had gotten the coupon what to use it on....I feel like I must get the most for my money.  I decided to pick up a new 2 cupper and a set of complete measuring cups along with a bottle of olive oil.  I made my exicitng purchases (along with the wine) for a total of $20 (there are also 2 of the cool Pina Colada things in the freezer) and home I came.  The hubby was home having lunch and I proudly awarded him his new 2 cupper and he started to laugh!  He sent me out to the kitchen where in the dish drain were...a new 2 cupper and a set of measuring cups he had purchased that same morning...I guess we are completely in sync!


  1. Well, now you have a spare again. And ya know, the scooper you've been using for the dog is going to die eventually.... I think you've had that set since I was about 10....


    Yay for Cheap Wine!

  2. This sounds like an opportunity to do some serious cooking and baking. Well, anything in which you can measure 2 cups at a time???

    Enjoy that wine! (I do love my World Market Wines, especially Layer Cake Malbec!)

  3. If you must know, I am pretty sure I have had that scooper since 1977. I guess they made plastic to last back then! It is nice to have a spare even though the ones I bought are kind of fancy...It has been a great opportunity to do some baking. Yesterday was the Kaiser Rolls and boy do they taste good. I used up the last of my white flour though...guess I will need to buy more. I haven't tried the Layer Cake yet, it doesn't normally fall into my $4 a bottle price point.