Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Beary Good Day

It is a beautiful spring day here in Charleston.  The temperature is in the low 80's, the humidity is low and the sun is shining so Bear decided he and I needed an adventure!

Bear in the car (harnessed in since he cannot stay in one place) ready to go!  Where are we going? Only Mom knows, or in this case wasn't quite sure at the start.

 Our adventure started near the Coast Guard station at the Battery in downtown Charleston.  By the time we walked to the High Battery (I think it is called that because it is higher than the rest of the Battery) Bear needed a rest.

When we got back to Whitepoint Park (at the tip of Charleston and where people actually watched the bombardment of Fort Sumter from) he was one thirsty dog.  Not sure if it was the stroll or the number of people who petted him that made him so thirsty!

Fortunately there is an unending supply of fresh water!  A nice man from Germany (at least that's where I think he was from) tried to take Bears picture but for once he was not interested.

After we finished our stroll (planned to tire him out slightly before we headed to the beach) we went to Folly Beach for some play time and more walking.  The super nose missed nothing!

I think he is either watching a bird or some children near by.  As you can see he enjoyed the ocean which is remarkably warm already!

On the way home we stopped at Crosby's fish market on Folly Road to pick up some fresh Mussels for dinner tonight.  Michael has a busy day today and I think a special meal is in order!  Right now Bear is laying at my feet fast asleep. Probably dreaming about our next adventure, I'm thinking another walk on the Battery is in order tomorrow!


  1. You should get a street performer's license and charge people to pet him. Pay for his food, at least.

  2. I bet he's dreaming of dogs that fought the civil war, and dogs that went on boats in the ocean!
    What a glorious day the two of you had. I know it will be completed with the mussels. Have a lovely meal!!

    1. He could be dreaming about dogs and the Civil War, after all he is a Southern dog (he came as a stray from the Effingham, Georgia shelter and no I did not make up the name!)
      As for the boats he is probably dreaming about the birds at the beach he tries to catch (but somehow never does) or all the Jelly Fish he sniffed and decided to leave behind.

  3. Bear doesn't do boats. Every once in a while it's possible to lure him onto a floating dock, but he just flops over and whimpers in terror until you carry him back off it...

    1. He has gotten much braver about the docks. He comes down to Kit's house with us and actually will go ahead of us out on the long dock.... I don't know about the boat thing though...probably should find out since we dream of a sailboat and a sailing dog!