Monday, April 16, 2012

The Garden

I am not the most talented gardener, most plants don't even want to come home with me for fear they will be promptly dead.  This year we moved the vegetables into containers which for the time being are vacationing out in the front yard where there is the most sun. 

Perhaps you remember the plants we bought last month

You didn't see them after they were re-potted.  The pots were a bargain at Big Lots!

There are actually 4 tomatoes hiding there!  Why the pictures don't look the way they look when I take them is beyond me!

Another tomato plant, no fruit yet but I think there are some buds there!  This is one strong plant...

The Thyme and Oregano, I have clipped much off them already and cooked with it.  Fresh herbs taste so much better.

The basil is another story....I bought this little planter with the seeds at the Dollar Store and it doesn't look good so far.  Guess we will be buying a basil plant...

And then we have Bear asking to be let in the house so he can go right back outside!

To end, a big hello to the readers in Russia who are out reading the US readers!  I hope you are enjoying this blog and the recipes!  Please leave some comments but most importantly Welcome!


  1. "Hey Mommy, put the camera down. I'm not sitting out here. Let me in and out and in and out and in again, and then you can take my pretty pretty picture."

    So... basil plant. Might as well get two.

    1. Jen, you know exactly what is going through his head...

      As for the basil plant, I am thinking at least two. Hopefuly the tomato plants will be fruitful and there is nothing better than fresh tomatoes with fresh basil! Hurry home!

  2. That is so cool that you have Russian readers! Greetings to the Russian Readers!

    You are inspiring me to plant an herb garden. I'm just convinced that my cats would make the most of it?

    Hello Bear! I love your game.

    1. I think they are safe in the front yard...maybe. We still have the fox wandering around but I am not sure how it feels about herbs!

      I think Bear is trying to figure out how many times he can get me to let him in and out the door!