Monday, April 30, 2012


I have a ton of thoughts running through my head this afternoon. 

The lady across the street passed away a while back.  We have lived here for 7 years and would wave but never would we really even get the time of day.  I thought we lived in the friendliest city in America?  I don't know if it was because we were renters, not family (it is a couple of acres on the river with numerous family houses on it, some small and old, some large and ostentatious) or because we are an inter-racial couple.  Her son has been very talkative with Michael over the past few weeks.  They are putting a new roof on the house and that is pretty exciting.  I try to tell the husband all that is taking place in the neighborhood, someone has to keep track after all!  Sometimes I feel like Alice Kravitz on Bewitched...hmmm....

My beloved husband has a closing tomorrow!  You may know that he is a Real Estate Agent, and then again you might not know.  We try to not jinx ourselves since the house is not sold until they have the keys in their hands.  He had a closing go crazy the night before the closing a few years back so that was an important lesson!  This is a nice young couple from church who are buying their first home, we are so excited for them!  We are planning to bring food and drinks to them and their friends who are helping them move into their new place!  The sandwiches cannot be made until I receive the phone call telling me "we had a baby" meaning that the closing has happened .

We are going on vacation in a little over two weeks!  We are driving up to Wildwood NJ (it looks like the Myrtle Beach of New Jersey) for my husbands family reunion.  I thought my family was the craziest but his might just give them a run for their money.  The first time we went I wore yellow golf shorts and striped shirt and just felt so....I don't know.  Maybe country clubish, maybe really white.  His aunts made me feel right at home after they asked me what I thought was a trick question, after all how do you answer the question "are you a goodie two shoes?".  I had to think about this one for a while...fortunately I said no so they said "good well show you where the hooch is" and I proceeded to get snookered with my soon to be husbands elderly aunts on something that tasted like it was made with kool-aide.

I am pretty sure I absolutely blew my interview on Friday...don't ask me why....The district manager said he would call me today since he is going out of town this week.   I want to just call him and tell him I didn't get the job.  Let's just get this all over so we can all go back to our normal jobs.  In the meantime my boss is running two stores (actually only one) I am taking care of this one and still making the same money.  I have a job and for that I am thankful.  I am thankful I work for the company I work for and do truly enjoy what I do but...

So that's where I am this afternoon.  Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. Hey you, no more of that negative stuff. If I'm not allowed to do it, you aren't either. Besides, your DM knows you, knows the work you do. Was in your freaking store last week, saw all you did--while your "boss" splits his time between two stores.

    Start thinking positive, lady. It may not actually do anything, but at least you don't spend the whole time all "blargh/FAIL".

    Also, good luck with the closing tomorrow.

    1. J, I am not in fail mode, I am being realistic. I know my DM nows what I do and knows the work I do. I think its just not my time.

      Thanks for the good luck!

  2. Ditto what j said.

    We are the same way with our neighbors. We wave, but that's about it. Well, except for our next door neighbor. She's an 80 year old German lady. We keep our eye on her. I'd want someone to do that for my grandma.

    I'm so excited to hear stories about the reunion. I know you'll come back with a slew of them.

    1. Okay,now I feel ganged up on....(not really).

      I am busy trying to remember my first album...Probably a Monkees one...but that is your blog!

  3. I love the superstitions around the house actors who say "The Scottish play" rather than "Macbeth." Those cookies up there look marvelous...wish I had some right about now!

    1. Michael is really superstitious about certain things, the closings are just one of them. He has something about letting a pole divide us when we are walking too! The first time I heard that I thought...hmmmm, that's odd!