Thursday, April 5, 2012


When the husband and I arrive home after a long day at work we discuss how our days went.  We try to find the positive and uplifting events that effected our day and let the negative sort of go to the side (most of the time).

He tell me about his adventures and how his Real Estate business is going, catches me up on what happened in the office and that sort of thing.  Usually he throws in some current events (sports included) and then it is my turn.  This is the tale of one such conversation.

Yesterday we opened the store early to let in some shoppers.  Through the door first was a pleasant lady about my age, she asked some questions and I left to get her the answers.  She was the kind of customer that asks many questions (which I don't mind) so we got as many answers as possible and than off she went wondering through the store.

A while later we met up again, she was in the Gourmet department talking to the lead in that area.  She couldn't help but share a story with me.  She was getting the DNA results back while she was shopping about a little baby girl that may or may not be her granddaughter.  Expectantly she was very excited and in the end she found out she is a grandma.  She was over the moon!

I related this story to Michael last night and he asked me "why do people tell you their most intimate secrets?  People you do not know, you have never met and probably will never meet again"?

I have been there for a customer who just left her husband, a customer that was dealing with a very close death, customers that are getting married.  People who are experiencing life changing events.   Why do people share with complete strangers their deepest secrets?  Why do they tell me?  Do I have that kind of face?  Is it that I stand there and listen?  Why?

Why do customers that come in the store seek me out?  Why do they think I am their dearest friend?  Why do they share what they have been up to and how their family is doing?  I have to admit many of these customers do feel like friends especially after being in the store for 5 years.  We live in a small town (yes Charleston is small) and I run into many of them around town so they know my husband, some know my daughters and some of them are friends that we know from outside the store.  I received many hugs and warm holiday wishes at Christmas, they ask what we are up to, how Bear is doing. 


Are strangers friends we have not met yet? 

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  1. It's lovely, mom is that same way. When my dad was alive, he'd give her such a hard time about how everyone in every store, restaurant, etc., would strike up a conversation with her about the most intimate things; it takes her an hour to run an quick errand. I think it says really good things about you! You exude a warmth and compassion, obviously, that others respond to. It's a gift!