Friday, April 20, 2012

A Mouse Under The House

I am sitting here in the office listening to my husband try to set a mouse trap in the back yard.  It doesn't sound like it is going well, there is a lot a snapping and an occasional very soft curse word.

We have a rodent under the house and the neighbor tells us she saw it jump over the mouse trap.  The husband found the trap sprung, no mouse and no peanut butter left.

This is turning into a battle royal between Michael and the Mouse.  Bear is of course in the picture since the mouse hangs out in the backyard.  Bear is also obsessive about things and cannot nor will not forget about the mouse. 

Beware Mr Mouse.....


  1. Well, won't this be interesting! I'm amazed at how smart a little fella with a pea brain can be! (And, I'm talking about the mouse!)

    I can't wait to hear more of the saga!

    1. The little dickens tripped the trap twice more last night. Alas, no mouse either time. Looks like it is time to go back down to Charleston Hardware (an old fashioned hardware store where you get great customer service).

  2. Are you sure this is really a mouse, and not a fox, or special black-and-white "cat"?

  3. Mice just do what mice do. If it's just one, what's the big deal? Also, the picture you posted is of field mouse. Grain eaters. Live and let live... yes, I'm a card-carrying-tree-hugger, Ha!

    1. Good point! I think the concern is that he is right outside the back door of the house and could get in. Certainly keeps Bear busy! I have never seen said mouse...just kind of thought that guy was cute!

      I am all for card-carrying-tree-huggers! Might be pretty close to being one myself!

      Sorry I spelt your name wrong in the latest blog!