Monday, July 18, 2011

Cooking With Love

It's Monday and if you have a normal job you are just starting your work week.  I however, work retail where the normal weekend does not exist.  My Friday this week is everyone elses Wednesday.  I did not realize when I was thinking about writing this blog how difficult it would be to post around my work schedule and general exhaustion when I came home in the evening (what ever time that may be).

Yesterday, I worked 9 -5 which is the typical work day (there is even a song about it).  I was driving home thinking about what supper I would conjure up for the two of us and frankly I was pretty un-motivated.  All that disappeared when I walked in the door to find my husband with a kitchen towel over his shoulder, the table set and pots and pans bubbling away on the stove. 

Now, my husband enjoys cooking and does a dern good job at it too!  I fear I have taken control of the kitchen forcing him to take the clean up roll (the rule here is if you cook the other does the dishes).  When we moved in together, he more than doubled my cookbook collection and had his own binders full of recipes he had garnered from magazines and online.  There are some amazing things in there, most of which we have not attempted yet and he continues to add to the assortment.

So this is a salute to my husband and all other spouses, significant others and roommates who do that special thing for their loved one and have supper cooking away when they arrive home.  It was a treat to not have to think and cook but most important, this delicious meal was cooked with love and nothing tastes better than love!

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