Friday, July 22, 2011

The Spice Of Life

I love spices and herbs, with them I can take something bland and turn it into something extraordinary!  My daughter calls me a spice ho, I have quite a collection and continue to add to it.  I buy most of my spices at World Market (I get a lucrative employee discount) where the pricing is fantastic!  I need to keep myself in check though, if you don't use a lot of something it doesn't make sense to buy the largest package possible no matter how good a deal it is.  I am the proud owner of a large bag of curry powder because of this weakness.

 We are fortunate to live where it is warm enough year round to keep some herbs in the garden.  What started as a very small rosemary plant 5 years ago is now definitely of bush stature and keeping it company out there is garlic chive (also a year round resident) and a pretty sad looking basil plant.  To me there is nothing better than strolling out to the garden and picking veggies and herbs to cook with.  Gardening is not my forte though so I must depend on my favorite vegetable store (The Vegetable Bin)  downtown Charleston for my fresh veggies or hit up my friends who are avid gardeners.

I write this this afternoon as I look at the chicken legs and thighs that came out of the freezer for dinner tonight hoping for Divine inspiration to assist in turning them into something stunning for this evening!  It's time to hit the spice cabinet and see what hides in the corners and motivates me to whip up something spectacular!

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