Thursday, July 7, 2011

Part 2 Of Today's Post

In case you cannot tell, I am new to this.  Thank goodness for J who gives me great advice over the phone! 
Now, back to hard rolls!  The link to the recipe I found is

I made these on Tuesday after my internet went down.  They take a bit of time but are so worth it.  We shared one at supper that same night while they were warm and fresh from the oven, butter melting into the bread.  It was heaven.  Yesterday morning my hubby made me the lusted after bacon and egg on a hard roll.  Now I know bacon is neither healthy nor necessarily inexpensive.  I am fortunate enough to live near an IGA which is an independently owned grocery store.  The one I shop at is Doschers and we normally pick up butchers cut bacon that runs about 2.49 a pound.  It is so much less expensive than the regular grocery store and has less stuff in it than the major brands. 

So now I have alot of rolls for the two of us to eat (they are actually heading towards the freezer) and 3 pounds of shortening to use somehow.  We don't fry so this should be interesting...

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