Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Over The World

I am constantly amazed how small our world really is.  The planet itself seems very large but the web has made far away places really only a click away.  As some of you know, I am obsessed with checking the stats on the blog.  At first this was just to see if anyone was reading it than it became where are you all coming from.  This is a list of the countries that have visited so far.  My apologies if your country is not on the list, apparently Blogger only lets you see so many at one time.  This is not listed by importance, just as I came across the names!

United States
Guatemala (The oldest daughter)
Netherlands (Sneek is a very pretty city by the way!)
The United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Monrovia (I had to look this one up)
The Philippines
France (Just joined us!)
Mexico (This is a new country also!)

I told Michael I was thinking of getting a large map and coloring in the countries as they came along!


  1. How about outlining them instead, then coloring them in after you visit. There's some pretty scenery in that list.

  2. It is great to see people from all over the world visit our blogs. I'm amazed that Russia is the second country on my list behind the US. I speak Nyet Russian, but global citizens seem to be multilingual unlike the US.

  3. It is amazing Stephen. I did discover that there is a translator button available for all the blogs and that apparently the person in Russia that reads my blog reads it in Russian. At least thats what Google tells me.
    You know it is amazing that so much of the world speaks English but we Americans do not usually speak other languages. I can conjugate some mean Latin verbs though thanks to my mom who insisted I take that as my language.