Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

Well, here it is, the next to the last normal day of my life until probably sometime after New Years and for some unexplainable reason, the corporate office decided I needed to be off today.  Well not just me but all the operations/lead supervisors or whatever our title is now.  Now as much as I think it is wonderful (as was the year that they decided I should be off the day after Thanksgiving) it just doesn't make much sense.  But since they said I had to be off today I am off  (other than all the prep and shopping for the store food on Friday and hopefully Saturday).  Not to worry, I (or we) get the closing shift on Friday and Saturday.

Thanks for the suggestions for the meal on Friday!  I made my first ever hummus today and even roasted garlic to top it with, something I had never done!  Michael did ask me if anyone else there likes hummus other than me and I hope they do because there is a lot of it.   I did take a poll (as I do every year) and there was a surprising interest in hummus...who knew?  We have now added deviled eggs also (thank goodness you can buy already peeled eggs at the Piggly Wiggly), spinach dip and 3 yummy looking pound cakes from the Costco which cost me all of 6.99.  All told, I probably spent around $150 on the meal which is not that bad when feeding 30 folks.

I now he will not see this but, I wish to personally thank Barry Feld, the President of World Market for staying the course not opening on Thanksgiving and not opening until 7am on Black Friday.  He sent out a wonderful letter to all of us explaining that it is important that we have tomorrow to spend with our families.  From myself and the rest of the company, I say "Thank you Mr Feld for putting us before sales on Thanksgiving, we promise to pay you back for it!".

The Black Friday Menu

Roast Ham (1.99 a pound at Harris Teeter, 20 pounds)
White American Cheese (3.99 a pound at Harris Teeter, 4 lbs)
Lettuce (1.79 a head at Publix)
Tomatoes (1.49 at Publix, 2 lbs)
Bread (4 loaves white and 2 loaves wheat at Costco total $9.00)
Redskin Potato Salad (4 lbs Costco, 5.97)
Meatballs in tomato sauce (6lbs meatballs Costco, $15.97.  Sauce left over from last year, don't worry its Ragu)
Spinach Dip (5.99 at Costco I don't know how much there is but it's a lot!)
Hummus (1.50 between the garbanzo beans and garlic, I had everything else).
Tortilla Chips (4.97 at the Costco for the giant economy size)
Deviled Eggs (2.99 a dozen at the Piggly Wiggly we are making 2 dozen)
Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup
Soda (buy 2 get 3 free at Harris Teeter so...26.08 for 10/12 pks)
Water (2.77 at Harris Teeter for 24 bottles of Deer Park Water)
Pound Cake (6.99 for 3 cakes at Costco)

So there you have the meal and my basic accounting.  I always worry that there will not be enough but, I think this year there will be money left over to do a few other meals.  I am thinking of a White Bean with ham soup one Saturday, not too expensive and there will be two ham bones left over!


  1. Mr. Feld has my appreciation also. Our family is blacklisting any of the companies that opened at midnight. If those corporations don't care about their employees, why would they be concerned with customers satisfaction?

  2. So... How long did the food last?