Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Nights Supper

The reviews are in and last nights supper was definetly a major win! To be honest, I was a bit concerned putting a recipe up before trying it fears now!  Cooking the garlic this way gave it a definte sweetness and the chicken remained tender (something I often battle with).  To answer the garlic guestion, I just smashed it with the knife.  If you have never tried it I learned about this trick on TV.  You place the garlic clove on the cutting board and with the sharp edge of a chefs knife facing away from you give it a smush with your fist.  I don't try to kill it, normally I have my hand in a fist and kind of roll on it with a gentle even pressure.  It is enough to take the skin off the garlic and slightly smush it.

Now a few notes about the recipe and the changes I made...I did not cook an entire chicken, this worked for me with just two chicken breasts, I cut the sauce recipe kind of in half.  I used about 3/4 of a garlic head, it doesn't have that over powering garlic taste because of the cooking method for the garlic.  Be VERY CAREFUL when adding the wine to the pan, I wasn't and there was fat and olive oil everywhere.  I will remove the pan from the stove next time I do this.  We were not ready to eat when the chicken was done so I left it on a very low heat and simmered it with the lid on.  The sauce was unbelievable and I believe what really makes the meal!

To answer the last guestion, we had overcooked frozen french cut green beans.  Now overcooked sounds terrible but Michael had taught me the trick of putting a beef bullion cube in the water and then just simmer away.  I think it reminds him of green beans cooked in bacon but healthier!

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