Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sharing Ideas

I am off from work today and tomorrow so I guess its my weekend!  Michael is hard at work and I am here at home with Bear.  I am a person best kept busy so we (Bear and I) have been cooking most of the day along with chatting with friends and family on the phone.  It was decided today that we will have Christmas here. I can't even think of dinner yet but a brief idea so far is roast beef, mashed potatoes, string beans and Yorkshire pudding.  That is the traditional Christmas dinner I have had every year since I was small and I have passed the tradition on to the girls.  J goes between being vegan and vegetarian so she partakes  in parts of dinner but not all of it. Of course I make gravy and there is always an assortment of cookies to enjoy (unless they have all be inhaled before the holiday itself).

I get ahead of myself though.  Today we have made drop cookies and have a pot of chili and a loaf of whole wheat bread peculating.  I am thinking about possibly making some corn bread (I have never tried this) to go with the chili for tonight.   Hopefully the chili will be ready in time since I am cooking the black beans as I write.  I learned last time that you do not add salt to the beans while cooking or they do not soften.  There really is no recipe for the chili, it is a work in progress.  We all have them, the recipes that are not written down, the recipes that we just kind of go with and change.  The things perhaps that our Moms or Grandmothers made that we still make but....they are not written anywhere.

What recipes do you have?  I know there is someone in Russia that reads the blog frequently...what do you cook that you can share with the rest of us?  The same goes for my friend in Sneek....you must have a family recipe or an old favorite.  My beloved sister in law, you are a great cook along with my brother, what new and exciting things do you guys make down there in Florida?  Stephen, you share recipes all the time on your blog! We can close the gaps in the world with food!


  1. "not written anywhere"? For me those recipe's are lost. I'm glad that my mother wrote down some of my favorite recipe's or they would have been gone. One of the reasons I put up recipes on the blog is to keep them safe in cyberspace. Once over the course of a year we perfected this bread recipe that used the sponge method, I lost the notebook with all the variations and the final recipe.

  2. Stephen, I have things I make like the chili or in the summer a black bean salsa that have no recipe. I will have to start measuring and writing down the directions. Part of the fun is that they never taste the same, that is also part of the frustration.

    I have taken the recipes that are posted on here and put in a file so that I can (and do) use them again. I was thinking of making a seperate page to the blog just for them but for the life of me cannot figure out how to do it. That is something that will need to wait until the eldest daughter returns.

  3. On my dashboard, I have to select "edit posts" before I can see the option to make a page. Someone who is very thorough and careful about their posts, might not ever see the create pages. But first you need to go to design and select "add a gadget" then scroll the list till you find "pages". Select that and then be sure and "save" changes and then you should be able to create pages and the list of pages will appear on your blog in the spot you selected to "add gadget". Hope this helps.