Friday, November 11, 2011

The Pants

It was in the low 40's when we got up this morning which is a tad chilly for here this time of the year.  Earlier this week Michael retrieved the large bins of winter clothes out of the shed so I rotated my summer clothes for my winter ones (we truly only have 2 seasons here) and I guess shorts are out until April.  While I was taking all my sweaters and long sleeve shirts out of the bin I came across some pants that were purchased with the best of intentions for me.  I love to lounge when I get home, sweat pants, yoga pants, comfy get the picture.  My husband thought he was doing a wonderful thing for me, he bought me a pair of double knit polyester, elastic high waisted red plaid pants at the thrift store (I think they may even have stitching down the front of the legs).  Now in his defense, he was thinking of how much I love comfy things but they almost brought tears to my eyes.  Am I really that old that I would wear these?

I must admit I hid these pants last winter.  I wore them a few times the year before to show appreciation that he was thinking of me and my comfort but...I just couldn't do it last year.  Right now there they sit on my bed, waiting to be put somewhere.

I have come to the conclusion that aging for men and women is two different things.  I look in the mirror each day and see new wrinkles on my face, check to see if there is grey hair (I am truly blessed in this aspect).  I see myself as I think others see me.  Men on the other hand (at least my Michael) don't see wrinkles on their faces.  They do however notice the hair that starts poking out of their noses and ears (what's up with that anyway?)

Men do not need to dress "age appropriately".  They don't need to stop wearing shorter skirts or high heels, they do not stop wearing form fitting clothing.  I certainly do not dress like a floozy, my father used to tell me I dressed too conservatively and I guess still do dress the same but, I am certainly not ready for the red plaid, double knit polyester, high waisted, elastic banded with the seams down the front pants!


  1. Pictures Please!! We must see these pants!

    and, honey, we will NEVER be old enough to wear the pants you described. :-)

  2. No, trust me, you don't want to see these pants. They're horrible.

  3. JuJu, what j says is true, you do not want to see these pants. Let me know the next time you will be at the World Market in West Ashley and I will gladly give them to you! Perhaps they can become a pair of traveling pants...passed on from one woman to another as a sign that even though we are getting older, we are not getting old.