Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Travels

I was looking through the list of cities that Google told me yesterday's visitors were from (the ones it actually identifies is much smaller than the actual list) and I started to think...which ones have I been to and what do I remember the most about them?

Fort Myers and Punta Gorda Florida...Never been to either one but I best get down there soon since one of these is one of brothers and my much loved wacky sister in law.

Bellevue Washington...Nope, never been there either.  The furthest north I have been on the west coast is Bodega Bay Ca.

North Charleston South Carolina...Yup!   I have been there many, many times.  I remember going to many hockey games there (sorry JuJu thats the best I can do this early in the morning)

Gilroy Ca...Another Yup!  I would pass through Gilroy every time I went to visit my family in Phoenix when we were living in Saratoga.  Gilroy, if the story is correct, has the only McDonald's that puts garlic on their hamburgers.  They have this garlic festival every year and you can smell the sweet scent of it many miles away.  They also have cows...lots of cows, and an outlet mall.

Chicago...Does the airport count?

Guatemala...Sorry J, it doesn't say the name of the city you are in.  No, I have never been there either.

Ottawa Canada....I have been to Montreal but never Ottawa.  It looks gorgeous (in the summer).

As my oldest daughter reminds me, I have lots of traveling to do!  I have pretty much been up and down the east coast and many places on the west coast.  I have been across the country on I 10, I drove to Minneapolis from Charleston (made a wrong turn somewhere in Wisconsin and wound up in the wrong part of the state).  I also saw more cows on that trip than I had seen in my entire life up to that point (and got a very bizarre sun burn).  We took a vacation to Puerto Rico (I want to go back there with Michael), took the girls snorkeling and the only fish I saw was a flounder.  It had something to do with needing to touch the ground and remembering to breath only through my mouth.  We love to hop in the car and head down to Savannah for the day....something about the squares, the river walk and the to go cups from the bars!

I have been to Montreal, Tijuana and Porta Villarta.   That's it for my trips out of the country.

  Our dream is to retire and sail away on a sail boat.  We need to do some training of Bear since he is not so crazy about the whole dock thing....

Where have you been and where do you want to go?


  1. Ottawa is nice in the winter too just really cold:-)

  2. Snowclouds, Ottawa looks like a wonderful city! I am afraid after being away from the cold north so long, winter is way toooo cold for me! Hard to believe my family is from Canada, I have become a warm weather gal! I will have to get there when the temps are warmer.