Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ballet

Last night we had the great pleasure of seeing the Royal Winnipeg Ballet do Moulin Rouge.  The event was at the Gailliard Auditorium and was presented by the Charleston Concert Society which brings different events to Charleston through the year. 

No, I did not take this picture.

World Market had loaned them some decor items for the After Party and Michael and I were invited to attend.  We had a wonderful time, met some great folks, ate some fabulous food and drank some delicious Canadian wines.

In the past we have had the pleasure to enjoy Kathleen Battle who used to sing with the Metropolitan Opera and Audra McDonald (who was absolutely fantastic!) amongst many other amazing shows.  You never know what the CCA will have on the line-up from year to year, anything from Jazz to modern dance.

If you live near or in Charleston or are coming to visit, check to see if the CCA has an event going on.  You will not be disappointed.


  1. Oh how fun! Did you attend the reception as well?

    Is today collapse day, or is that tomorrow?

  2. JuJu, we attended the reception also. They had our names at the door. It was great!

    Tomorrow is collapse day. Today is go into work at 2 day. I am so ready for a day off!!!