Monday, March 12, 2012

Bear the Dog and His Many Obsessions

This is Bear.  He has many obsessions.  I was sitting here this afternoon reading and he came up and started licking my feet (an obsession of his) and I thought, why not share all of his loves with you.  This is probably not a complete list but it should hit on the high points.

This is his squeaky bone.  It is probably his favorite possession in the entire world.  It needs a bath (again).

This is his dog bed.  We have had a few fosters eat  Bear's dog bed, he was not amused and suggested that they take a ride in the car with the lady all by themselves.  Yes, that is Bear trying to get into the picture (another one of his obsessions, having his picture taken).

These are some of Bears toys.  He loves them but  adores the large tennis ball on the left side.  It makes a lot of noise.

This is Bears sleeping spot.  He had a few pillows but for some reason he decided to eat them the last time the pillow cases got washed.  He carefully arranges the pillows every night and seems to be unhappy when we straighten them out.

 This is Bears favorite thing in the world, chicken.  He sat while I took this picture in hopes that being a good boy would earn him a chicken leg and thigh.

Bear must have clean water (unless it is the rain bucket outside the back door that Michael uses to water the plants).  He will not drink water with slobber or dirt in it.  This has caused difficulties for Bear with some of the fosters, he just refused to drink after them.

This is Bears dinner from last night.  He is not obsessive about kibble.  His greatest hope is that someone will come drop some tasty morsel in his bowl to make this horrible (to him at least) meal taste better.  Do not worry he will not starve.

Bear loves to watch TV.  It started out with just animals that moved fast but now he is a fan of Downton Abbey and he really seems to enjoy opera and various sporting events.

As I was running the spell check and previewing this I remembered another obsession of his, the trash can in the bathroom (because I could hear him put his head through the top of it).  He does that more for attention than for the paper, although he enjoys the paper.


  1. I would like to lie down with Bear on his pillows and watch Downton Abbey with him. He is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. What about Bob the frog and children? Bear looooooves Bob the frog and children. But for different reasons...

    (also, he has two of those bones... possibly three by now, unless one or more got tossed)

  3. JuJu, he is very adorable but it is impossible to lay down with him unless you want to be covered by a squirming happy golden licking your face.

    j. I forgot about Bob the frog and children. That sounds like another blog! Yes he still has another one of the squeaky bones but it is now relegated to the back yard since one of the fosters decided they liked to play with it.

  4. Ah, he's soooo cute! Tallulah Mae's favorite toy is a round piece of fabric that used to be a jewelry pouch...she tosses it in the air like a frisbee, then barks. A lot. Does he really watch TV? Because that is super adorable!

  5. He really does watch it, we can't get a picture of him doing it though. When he hears the camera he comes and sits down in front of you to get his picture taken. He is the first of many many goldens that have graced our home that do that. We find it pretty funny. I can se Talluah Mae doing that! She is adorable.