Friday, March 9, 2012

A Banana Hammock and Other Exciting Things

A few weeks ago Michael went on a shopping excursion, he was actually out to buy a new shower curtain liner and wound up in Bed Bath and Beyond, the land of everything you need for your home which is overpriced.  I always wonder about stores that send you a $20 off coupon every single week......

So anyway he comes home with not only the shower curtain liner but....a Banana Hammock.  It was on clearance (hard to believe!) so since we are hammockless for our bananas it came to our home.  Now I don't know about you but my bananas don't have such a tough life...they hang on a banana hanger made for me by my beloved husband out of a coat hanger (it really was very ingenious of him).  They certainly did not need a hammock to laze around the house in!

Last weekend I had some spare time and was tired of looking at the box with the banana hammock in it so I put it together.  This is what it looks like in all its beauty! 

Standing in for the bananas is one lonely apple
  I was quite excited to have the banana hammock built (not) and tried to find a spot to keep it.  It wound up in the middle of the kitchen table and there it sat in all its glory.

As you know Liz and her boyfriend came for dinner on Sunday night.  He admired our banana being the loving parents we are we gave it to him.  We shed many tears at the departure of the banana hammock.

Tomorrow night we are hosting the snacks after church.  Being Episcopals of course there is wine and the food that the host or hostess decides to bring. I am always afraid there will not be enough food...I don't know what that is all about is what it is.  So for tomorrow night I am bringing (it will probably grow so...)  Curried Egg Salad Sandwiches, Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Chips and Red Velvet Cupcakes.  I am thinking of adding some Chicken Salad Sandwiches and I have the mix in the kitchen for Lemon Bars.

Everything is as close to ready as it can be since I am working tomorrow..the egg salad is in the fridge as is the salsa.  The cupcakes just came out of the oven and the icing is about ready to go.  I have never tasted Red Velvet cake...I just know everybody down here eats it so...I do have to say that my hands are red from the mix.  Makes me kind of suspicious. 


  1. Your menu sounds delightful. I've never had Red Velvet either, but it is my daughter's fave!

    And, I know this is so weird and is going to point out the fact that I am a bit of a freak, but that meshy material reminds me of underwear men wore in the 70's. :-)

  2. JuJu, we had to test one cupcake without the icing. They taste like .... white cupcakes. The secret hopefully will be in the icing.

    I was thinking kind of the same thing about the banana hammock. Mine was more in regards to the name. I believe that is what they called mens underwear back in the 70's. The fabric is like what they used to put on the inside of the bathing suits. Great Minds Think Alike!