Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Day with my Sweetie!

Michael and I had Friday off together so we did some stuff.....

 We went to our favorite local place for breakfast, The Early Bird Diner.  No, not everyone here drives a pick up truck though often it feels that way.  The people that work there are so very friendly and the food is always great even though I don't know about eating Fried Chicken with Waffles for breakfast.

 We drove around John's Island for a while, went to the Goodwill store where Michael bought a sombrero, then we headed to The Angel Oak.  The tree is enormous!

The textures and beauty of the tree cannot be described with words.  Yes this is me....

Somehow I even got Michael to smile for this picture.  He smiles almost all the time except when he has his picture taken. 

 The azalea's are in bloom all across the low country, the colors are breath taking even though these are just a faint shade of pink.

Time to eat again and it's only lunch!

I somewhere along the line got tired of taking pictures of our adventures!  We ended the day with friends a movie and dinner at a place called Mondo's on James Island.  They have great Mussels!

Spend a day with the one you love, do the things you like.  It doesn't have to cost much.  The memories will be priceless!


  1. Ah! That's a perfect day you had! And, I SO love seeing pix of you guys. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the enormous oak. Biggest one I've ever seen. I'm also impressed your wearing sandals, up here in Seattle, your toes would turn blue from the cold very quickly.

  3. Stephen, I believe it may be one of the biggest oaks they have found down here and the picture did not even begin to do it justice!
    As for the sandals, it has been spring down here for a few weeks with the temps around 80 during the day. We wear the sandals to keep our tootsies comfortable, no cold feet here!