Monday, March 19, 2012

A Hectic Week

This is a rather busy and hectic week for me.  My boss is on vacation (which is no biggie honestly) but between work and social obligations the next evening I will be home is Friday.  I was supposed to be at work until about 10 last night but the driver who was supposed to pick up truck (and deliver it around 5 pm last night) ran out of hours.  The trailer was discovered in the yard in Virginia some time after noon yesterday, so the schedules for the first few days of the week had to be re-worked. 

In case you didn't know (and unless you deal with trucks you probably don't) truck drivers can only drive so many hours before they must rest.  I am thankful for this law, tractor trailers are big and if a driver falls asleep at the wheel many folks can get seriously injured.

I took care of a few things yesterday and then surprised Michael by returning home a few hours after I had left.  It was great yesterday but puts a crimp in my plans the rest of the week as I am now closing tonight and back tomorrow at 6 am to get all the freight on the shelves.  The schedule was to stay last night, go back in at 6 this am and be off today at 2 not to return to work until Wednesday am. 

Tomorrow night I have 2 birthday parties to attend one of which I am supposed to bring finger food.  One of the struggles I always seem to face is keeping it simple so I sit here trying to figure out what I can make and still squeeze a nap in tomorrow afternoon.  I have delusions of grandeur but somehow in a 3 hour window I have to get home, take a nap, probably go to the grocery store, make the finger food, put myself together so I actually look nice and get to where I need to be.

This group knows me to be the cook...I always bring some tasty morsel, something tempting, something they don't make themselves.  Many of the ladies at the party do not cook.  Not that they do not know how, they just choose not to so....that means most of the finger food will come from the Costco.  My soul is leaning towards the same option but my conscience keeps pulling in the opposite direction.  I keep hearing in my mind..."Colleen make something yourself".

So far I have considered Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes, Italian Style Kabobs, Fried Wontons, Sushi, Pinwheel Sandwiches.....there are probably more rolling around in there.  A decision needs to be made soon since probably the best thing for me to do would be to do the shopping today so that the all important nap can me taken (I am very grumpy when I am tired and j can attest to that).

Wednesday is another bang up day, work from 8 to 4 than home and downtown by 6:30 to see Moulin Rouge by a Canadian Ballet Corp.  I think we have scored tickets for the after party!  The store is loaning some decor and gave them a discount on the glassware they purchased, when I told them we were attending they asked if were were attending the party.  Now only the Charleston elite get to attend so that normally leaves us out...I will let you know!

Things start to settle back down on Thursday a bit, I am home in the morning and have the afternoon and evening shift, than off on Friday.  Right now that feels pretty far away!


  1. One day at a time, eh?
    I vote pinwheels. You can make them tonight and you'll be done! (if we're talking about the same kind of pinwheel)

    Oh, I can't wait to hear about the party Wednesday night!

  2. You could always do bacon wrapped asparagus. It isn't veggie, but everyone likes bacon, and everyone likes asparagus.

    But the pinwheels are probably faster/easier.

  3. j. I was briefly thinking about the asparagus but I made it for dinner one night last week and absolutely incinerated it. Bad memories right now!

    JuJu, I did not get to the grocery store yesterday (would have required getting dressed before I wanted to). The guy borrowed $500 worth of stuff and left NO TICKETS!!! I think I'll call him today and make sure everything is alright. Bad? Yes but what the heck!