Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Left overs?
We brought the snacks to church last night for after the service.  I enjoy doing this because....I like seeing people eat what I make.  I found when I had everything together that I did not need to make anything else, there was plenty!  While I finished getting ready to go Michael got everything in the car for me (he really is the most thoughtful husband!).  The Curried Egg Salad sandwiches were covered on a plate in the back, the salsa, tortillas and bowls were in an insulated carrying bag that just left the cupcakes. 

I do not have a cupcake carrier.  This was never a problem for me since I rarely make cupcakes until last night.  The icing was big and if we put any type of wrap on the plate they would have gotten smushed, so Michael put them in the middle of the back seat.  He offered to have me hold the plate which in retrospect I should have done but...oh well..too late now! 

All was going well until we took one turn...the plate slid over to the passenger side of the car and the cupcakes went willy nilly all over the place.  There was icing everywhere.  When we got to church I was able to save all but one of the little devils, it had fallen on the floor and you know we have Bear the dog who likes to ride in the car.

The fur offender
The service was wonderful as always and then off we went to tea time.  Every one dug into the sandwiches and the dip but.....the cupcakes sat there.  And than... someone I know came up and asked me "everyone wants to know what is in the icing".  What's in the icing?  It's icing for Pete's sake...not some odd concoction.  It was almost as if they were afraid that I would poison them...with iced cupcakes.  I told her and there the cupcakes sat, unloved, unwanted, uneaten.  So out of the 22 that actually made it to church I still have 9.  There were a few brave souls and a few husbands who don't get food like that at home but...of all that I thought would come home with us, the cupcakes were not even close on the list!

My mother raised me in a certain way and perhaps yours did too.  If you are served something you do not care for you quietly do not eat it, you do not under any circumstances say something like "yuck", "I hate that" or questioning what is in the icing.  It is interesting to me in my more mature years that I hear adults my age and older making comments such as this.  What has happened to manners and just plain old being polite? 


  1. I love red velvet cake and if you haven't tried it with beets (the original food coloring) you should! This site has the recipe:)

  2. I would have eaten MANY of them. And, I wouldn't have asked about the icing. My mom and your mom are from the same school.

  3. I think I know what the problem is... Red velvet cupcakes should be red. From top to bottom. No white, not at all. Also, I'm pretty sure they're chocolate flavored, but I might have missed something the one time I read a real recipe...

    Also, I suspect this is not a crowd to feed... um... "rustic" style food to. But I could be wrong...

  4. Ash, that recipe looks great and oddly healthy! I will have to give it a try. Perhaps it will get me over my fear of baking cakes from scratch (which should be the topic of a blog).
    JuJu, you should have come allllll the way down to Charleston Saturday night. I suspect many of our Moms are from the same school. I don't think either of my girls would have made that comment.
    j, you need to look at the recipe Ash sent, it does have chocolate in it. I cheated and used a box mix so I really have no idea what was in the dern thing. I suspect you are correct about part of the crowd although I must say that I love each and every one of the people that was there. They add alot to my life and I enjoy seeing them and spending time with them!

  5. Actually... If I were in a place where the icing might or might not be veg (though I've never heard of un-veg icing....) I might ask. But I wouldn't be snotty about it.

    Also, mommy lady, I promise you cupcakes aren't as bad as you want to think they are. Just pretend they're really sweet muffins with no healthy stuff in them. You can dooo eeeet!

  6. As far as I know, red velvet is basically chocolate cake with red food coloring (basically the color comes from the cocoa powder and the food coloring.) and the icing is always white.