Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Busy Week!

It's funny how sometimes life is very quiet and there is not much going on and than BAM everything happens at once.  It looks like May is going to be one of those BAM months and most of what is going on somehow involves food!

As you might have read Michael has a closing this afternoon for a nice young couple from church.  We decided to bring food over to their home after the closing for themselves and their merry band of friends and family who are helping with all the moving.  Right now there is a batch of snicker doodles in the oven which is an experiment.  You see I have no cream of tartar for the cookies so off to the Internet I went looking for a suitable substitution.  I had two choices it appeared, either baking powder (with so much math involved it made my head hurt) or lemon juice.  I of course chose the easier of the two,  adding additional sugar as the directions called for.  No where did it say what to do about the extra moisture from the juice.  You are supposed to be able to roll the cookie dough into a ball and then dip it into the sugar, this did not work as I was forced to lick all the dough off my hands (I know what a tragedy!).  I turned them into drop cookies and than sprinkled the cinnamon sugar over the top, setting the timer for 9 minutes (not the 10 the recipe called for).  I apparently have an oven that runs a tad hot so the next batch is in for 8 minutes.  The recipe is from "America Cooks" a cookbook that I received as a bridal shower gift back in 1977.

You can tell I turned the temperature down and shortened the cooking time

I am trying to resist the call to make rolls or pita's for the sandwiches....Michael asked me not to make any of them until after we know we have closed.  No use bringing any bad luck our way!

Thursday night we are invited to a birthday party and will need to bring a snack.  We have been to many different events with this group and I need something easy and that I have not made for them before.  Off to the Internet I go! 

Friday night is the French Quarter Art Walk downtown, if you live in the Charleston area and have never been it is great fun!  You stroll the many (and I mean many) galleries drink free wine and eat free snacks!  We are meeting a group of friends to walk with...

Part of the world famous Bowen's Island restaurant!

Saturday night is a Cinco De Mayo party!  Once again...a snack needs to be made!  Michael asked for the Black Bean and Corn Salsa which is easy to make and can be done the day before!  We round out the weekend with our Foyer group brunch on Sunday.  We are going out to beautiful Bowen's Island for the afternoon and the hosts are fixing Frogmore Stew (no it doesn't have frogs in it).  This low country specialty is sausage, shrimp, potatoes and corn on the cob slowly simmered in a very large pot!  It is very tasty!  I am pretty sure we are going to bring stuffed mushrooms (a trip to the Costco for their lobster dip is called for) and artichoke dip with pita bread.

We are not sure what he did but Bear put himself in time out.


  1. I'm dying to know if the closing went through???

    I had my 40th bday celebration at Bowen's Dock. We rented it out and had a great party. Enjoy your event there on Sunday!

    I think your week sounds GREAT, as does all the food. Have fun!

  2. The closing finally happened at 4 in the afternoon, it was a dry closing meaning Michael did not get paid right away. We celebrated with Champagne and Lobster for dinner...my head hurts a tad this am!

    I absoluetly love Bowen's, our church has its annual fundraising oyster roast out there and the oysters are so sweet and delicious! We are going to be at the home of Robert and LeNelle Barber who's family own the restaraunt and I guess most of the island. They are the nicest folks!

  3. Yay on the closing! Boo on the headache. Yay on the lobster and champagne.
    Let's focus on the yays. :-)

    Be sure to tell them how much we all love Bowens! :-)