Saturday, June 2, 2012

Different Eating Habits

When I was married the first time my husband only ate three hot vegetables (not to be confused with lettuce or tomatoes) and they were peas, string beans and corn.  Life was kind of boring but it was easy to shop since I didn't need to really think about what we were eating and he was not an adventurous eater.

Staples in our diet included spaghetti, tacos, meatloaf and the like.  Onions were forbidden (or so he thought) since he was supposedly allergic to them.  Spices were few beyond salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Mushrooms never entered our house and broccoli and cauliflower were only eaten after being slathered in cheese or cream sauce.

I was raised in a house where you eat what is put on your plate, if you didn't you had it for breakfast the next day.  He was raised in a house where his mother made hamburgers for him almost every night to get him to eat.

Our daughters grew up eating this way, not the way I wanted them to eat but that was how we did it.  Somewhere along the line our eldest daughter J decided to become a vegetarian.  She was the oddest vegetarian for a couple of reasons, the first being that she didn't eat vegetables the second being that pepperoni pizza rolls were allowed in the version she had created.

Many years later both the daughters enjoy cooking and more importantly trying new things.  Elizabeth is willing to always try new and exciting foods and is willing to try almost anything, J has not had meat in I don't know how many years and now seeks out vegetables and was a vegan for a bit.  I don't know how she feel about the pizza rolls but if they are vegetarian I'm thinking she would be all over them.

Last I heard the three vegetable man had grown to eat some different vegetables and even likes mushrooms.  I am just happy to have the husband I have now who is my guinea pig on all the experiments I try and seems to enjoy all our new foods.


  1. They have cheese pizza rolls, which are probably about as vegetarian as most processed food without visible random meat. At least the ingredients looked veggie last time I checked.

    And it's been a bit more than 9 years, that I know of.

    Fun fact--the first time I said I wanted to be vegetarian was 6th grade. You lured me back with hot dogs and tacos.

  2. Oh man, I do love the pepperoni pizza rolls.

    I might be living with, and married to, your ex. Well, wait a minute, he won't eat beans or corn. He loves mushrooms though. It's a challenge to find meals we both like. I love anything and everything (except white rice). Him? Not so much! :-)


    1. j would put them in the broiler, I have to admit I like them too!

      It can be difficult feeding two people with different food likes...I know all about that!