Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Chances are you will hear very little from me during the coming week as it is floors and bathtub week!  I don't know how much internet access I will have unless I borrow the hubby's laptop.  The nephew arrives this afternoon and his mom (my fantastic SIL) is turning right around and heading back up to Greensboro.  She promises that when she comes back to pick him up she will bring our neice and they will spend a couple of days...

Apparently the $190 worth of food I bought yesterday will not be enough as Angie says that Spence eats a lot.  I am out of practice on feeding boys, must channel my much younger self when I lived with the brothers.  We used to joke that the youngest one had two hollow legs, he was so skinny but was like a human vacumm cleaner and ate everything in site.

I was reading one of the many blogs I follow and there was a picture of Talulah May with a bindi in her forehead (I promise to insert the name of the blog later once I have time to go back and get it, it is a great one and if you don't follow it take a look).  Yes it is a dog and yes she sat long enough to 1.  have the bindi placed on her and 2. have her picture taken.  This brought back a memory of a dog we had a number of years ago and the youngest daughter.

The dog was Rusty (a fine name for a female golden mix) she was a great dog and quite the hunter.  We were always well supplied with dead mice, squirrels and once even skunks (a whole seperate smelly story).  I arrived home from work one night and noticed that most of Rusty's tail feathers were missing, at that point I glanced at her forehead which had zig zags cut into the entire thing.  I glanced at the guilty party (the youngest daughter) and asked her why she had done this to the dog to which she replied "because she let me". 


  1. Also let her dye the white forehead spot and part of her chest blue with magic marker.

  2. Rusty was a princess, eh? :-)

    Good luck feeding your nephew! I don't envy you that task. I can't wait to hear about your adventures on the Stono!

  3. Yuck, contractors...

    And Tallulah Mae DOES let me do most anything to her; she doesn't really like it, but she does tolerate it...for a moment. Then she starts pawing at whatever it is and I feel so sorry for her that I remove the offending item.

  4. floors and bathroom week???
    I know in my house that would mean how long it would take to clean them...
    Watching the weather reports...sure hope there is relief coming in today!
    enjoy the week ahead -