Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Much Stuff

You just don't know how much stuff you have until you have to move it.  Our landlord is coming in the week after next to put down new laminate flooring in the two bedrooms and re glaze the tub so we are going to have to 1.  Move everything out of the bedroom including what is on the floor in the closet and 2.  Clear out the office/Michael's clothes room (he is a clothes horse so there is a bit of work to do there).

On top of that Michael's nephew is arriving on the 30th of June to spend a month or so with us.  He is a great kid/grown up and should be interesting having him here, all 6'5"of him!  I suspect we will be putting him to work while he is visiting.  Right now we are trying to find a friend to stay with who will take all three of us plus....Bear.  Michael feels strongly that he has a solution worked out and I will leave it at that.

The bedroom shouldn't be too bad other than my ever growing collection of shoes, I think it's time to edit them down.  When Michael and I met there were I think 4 pairs in my entire collection and one of those was flip flops.  I have no idea how many there are now, every time we make a trip to the thrift store I seem to come home with another pair.  It is amazing how many folks wear a pair once or twice and then donate them.

The office is a different story...the room is 9' x 10' and contains:
1.  Michael's dresser
2.  Bears dog bed and toy basket
3.  My computer desk
4.  A 4 ft tall plastic storage thingee
5.  Clothes rack for drying Michael's dress shirts and jeans on
6.  A bookcase containing allllllll the cookbooks the two of us own
5.  Michael's desk with bookcase on top of it
7.  My grandparents secretary desk

Add to that lots and lots of stuff including a pane of glass for the top of a table that the hubby found sitting on the side of the road, the crutches from when I sprained my ankle a few years back and my drawing portfolio. 

I am thinking of starting to haul some of this stuff out to the storage shed (which is full of more stuff) and editing through a good portion of it. 

To think that when I left my house and moved in on my own I brought hardly anything, where did all this stuff come from??  Maybe its reproducing while we are at work under Bear's watchful, if sleepy, eyes.


  1. Stuff is like rabbits?

    I think I spend most of my life trying to de-clutter. If I'm doing that, where does all the clutter come from?

    Good luck with all that!

  2. Are you sure Bear isn't dragging things in from the backyard?

  3. I joke that I spend much of my life putting things away. Really, that seems all I do--I'm doing it today, as a matter of fact. Since I sell vintage stuff online, there is always a pile somewhere: stuff to be photographed, stuff to be listed, stuff to be packed. Sigh.