Monday, June 25, 2012

Lemon Chiffon Pie and the Church Barbecue

There is nothing like a church barbecue, especially if you are Episcopal and there is wine and beer involved!  We had our annual get together yesterday at Folly Beach and a good time was had by all despite the fact that it was in the 90's.  There is a die hard group that puts this together every year and I thank God for them, they happen to be great people too which makes it even better!  Michael and I didn't get out there as early as we planned but still way ahead of the rest and were able to enjoy time with some of our dearest friends.

Our friends Lee, Betsy, Missy and Ted!

The worlds most delicious Tomato Pie!  Perhaps I will track down the cook and have her blog about it!

My Mothers Lemon Chiffon Pie (yes you can have the recipe)

And Bear just because he needed his picture taken!

So when I was a kid my mom used to make this dessert once in a while and I absolutely adore it!  Its not hard to make you just need to have time, a lot of people to serve it to and it does not work outdoors if it is really really hot out (learned that one yesterday).

Lemon Chiffon Pie

2 boxes lemon Jello
2 cans evaporated milk
1 package sugar wafers
1 tablespoon sugar

Make the jello substituting the juice of one lemon for the equal amount of cold water, put in the fridge until just starting to set.  While making the jello, put the evaporated milk in the freezer, you want it just ready to freeze up. 

When these two things happen put the milk in the bowl and whip until it comes to soft peaks, stir in the sugar and than add the jello mixing well.

Crumble the sugar wafers in the bottom of a 9 x 12 deep toss away aluminum pan.  Pour mixture over it and set in the fridge until set. I crumbled up more sugar wafers on the top of it.

Two things I discovered when making this recipe.  The sugar wafer packages are not as big as before and I used 1 and a half packages and...oddly enough I think the evaporated milk containers are larger hence the fact that you need to make sure you have a LARGE mixing bowl and a deep dish for it to go in!  I suspect it would work well with just about any flavor of jello and you could add fruit to it (ours was all gone so none for me).


  1. That sounds nice and delicious, and light for the summer. I will have to try it! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

    1. It really is a nice treat for summer. You can easily cut the recipe in half (unless you are feeding an army)! Can't wait until tonight!

  2. I am dognapping your dog.

    Also, next time, try putting the pie tin in a slightly larger tin filled with lightly salted ice.

    It'll work like a fridge/ freezer--like salty ice works in an ice cream machine--to keep the jello etc from melting.

    1. He is very busy this morning so be my guest!!

      I kept it in one of the coolers for quite a while, I don't know why I didn't think of bringing another container with ice to put it in...Oh well, it sort of went back together in the fridge and now the bottom is the top. It tastes okay but not as good as it originally did.