Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In A Tizzy

I am in a tizzy!  Michael's nephew Spencer is arriving on Saturday to spend the summer with us and for some reason  I am worried about feeding him.  When you only cook for two and suddenly this 6'5" person is dropped in the middle what exactly do you do about food?

When you add a new baby you have time to ease yourself into this, if you have a house guest for a few days you can handle it, especially if they are self entertaining, car driving people.  If you have a kid for the summer every rule feels like it goes out the window.

Will I have to start cooking white starches?  How much food will I have to get in the house?  What in the world will he eat for lunch and breakfast (hopefully he like oatmeal a lot).  What are we going to do with him while we are at work?????

On top of all this we have to move out of our place for a week so the landlord can re glaze the bathtub and put the new floors in the two bedrooms.  We will be staying with a friend who lives down the street and suffer living on the Stono River for a week (poor us).  Michael, myself, Bear the Dog and Spencer.  Hopefully Bear decides against chasing the cats which is what he did the last time I brought him down there. 

Many hours later after starting this particular blog I am sitting here somewhat calmer.  I will make lasagna for dinner on Saturday (I think) since my fantastic Sister in Law better be spending the night rather than driving all the way back to Greensboro NC, I have invited the youngest daughter and boyfriend for dinner so they can meet their extended family.  My cookbooks are packed, the bookshelf put away, desk is cleaned off, I went through my shoe collection and either threw out or donated a bunch (the ones I could part with) but best of all tonight is the Earth Wind and Fire concert and I will be meeting JuJu!  Thankfully she is the sensible one and thought of texting when we get there so we can catch up.  I promise at least one picture tomorrow!


  1. Well... Basically, you remember how Tizzard and I ate when we were that age? Add what we ate together and double it.

    Chances are, you'll be fine (unfortunately) with a couple cases each ramen and something like beef-a-roni.

    In other news, I'm told boys eat a lot.

  2. How old is he? I would imagine he'll eat anything you put in front of him. :-)

    You're an excellent cook, so I'm sure he'll enjoy all your fine cooking!!