Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Update

Well, we are back in our home.  No the work is not done yet and yes the house is in complete chaos!  The landlord is sick today so no work to be done, hopefully he will be feeling better soon as the office is in the living room, dining room combo and he leaves again on Monday.  The new floor looks lovely and we just need the molding put back in (I don't know when).  The bedroom is kind of back together and I took the time to wash all the walls while the furniture wasn't in it.  I wash the Bear spots along the bottom of the wall often or at least I thought often, how Bear marks get behind the bed is beyond me though!

While we were staying downtown someone helped themselves to one of the tires off Michael's Jeep.  Yes, just one....either it was a prank, someone came along and scared them off before they finished the job or my theory is they needed one tire just like his.  They drove around downtown Charleston looking for just the right rim until they found his.  Of course they just happened to have a cinder block in their car to hold up his.  There were some great guys working at the house next door who came to the rescue and drove Michael and his flat spare to the gas station.  My husband of course needs the exact rim, we have been to many places looking for it.  I thought the place around the corner that had a similar rim was good enough but, a man and his truck are not to be denied!  He is now on his way to upper Goose Creek to try another place. 

Life with the nephew is interesting, turns out what he eats is the least of my concerns.  I don't understand how these kids cannot communicate.  They are plugged in to all this media but can't hold a conversation.  We are starting Uncle and Aunt boot camp!  This is not a vacation!  You need to do the dishes, pick up after yourself but most importantly, talk!!! 

Well, best be getting the things done I told Michael I was going to do while he was off hunting for the tire.  Have a great day!!! 


  1. Have you tried txting him? I hear that works-

    yr daughter who doesn't text, or talk to people in the same room, but will IM, fb, or blog at them...

  2. Oh no, a tire stolen? Grrr...

    I saw a funny cartoon the other day: at the old folks' home 50 years from now--drawings of people in wheelchairs with their heads all stooped forward and hands stuck in texting position!

  3. One tire? One tire? Honestly. Well, I guess they weren't totally selfish thieves...

    Oh, young folks these days!!! Good luck with getting him to talk. Let me know your tricks if you make it work?

    I know it's good to be home!